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Customers Hate Being Put On Hold

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You can seamlessly integrate a cloud-based phone system with other platforms in your ecosystem to improve customer service and make life easier for customers who hate being put on hold.

5 Ways Accounting Firms Benefit from Cloud Based Phones

VoIP can provide significant advantages to accounting firms in various aspects of their operations, including tax season, end-of-month billing, and day-to-day activities. This technology can support their competitive edge both presently and in the future, and there are five key ways it can help. Total Mobility for Accounting Firms Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP […]

Hybrid Work in 2023 and Beyond

As corporations all over the world are encouraging their staff members to return to the workplace, Gen Z and Millennial hybrid workers remain unconvinced and respectfully reject these requests. It’s important to acknowledge that by 2030, this demographic will make up 75% of our workforce; underscoring that remote work is a fundamental feature in how […]

Choosing a Local Business Phone Provider

These is a lot to take into consideration when looking for a local business phone provider. Cost and features are just a starting point. Customer service and service after the sale are also important.

VoIP Features That Get High Marks in Schools

VoIP systems are popular among schools because they have a customizable and easy-to-use interface. You can configure your VoIP phone system to match your specific needs, whether that’s auto attendants, call queues, or setting up voicemail greeting messages.

In this article, we will list the top 7 features of a cloud-based phone system and how they benefit teachers, administration, and other users.

20 Questions To Ask Before Setting Up VoIP

There are many important questions to consider when switching to a cloud-based VoIP telephone system. By doing your research and carefully weighing the pros and cons of different options, you can ensure that your business gains all the benefits of this cutting-edge technology without any unwanted surprises down the road.

To make sure that you’re prepared and can start working effectively from day one, here are 20 VoIP setup-related questions.